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Image Consulting in Washington DC and Online

Karina Shalaby - Image Consulting in Washington DC

My name is Karina Shalaby and I offer services in image consulting in Washington DC metropolitan area and virtually. I am also a human development specialist, professional model and former UN project manager. I’d love to work with you to reach your full potential.  Find out about my journey here.

What is Image Consulting?

Image Consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence that come from an authentic, appropriate, and attractive appearance and presence in any personal, social, or professional situation.

An image consultant will help you get to the core of your personal style and then find ways to project that appropriate to your desired personal brand.

Appearance is not just about impressing others, it has an effect on self-confidence and well-being, and can also be a powerful tool in helping people achieve their professional or personal goals.

There is no pretense or flattery in proper etiquette, it is just a refined set of skills to be as courteous, kind and sensitive to others as one can be while expressing their most authentic and unique selves.

Short Video on the Benefits of Image Consulting

What Clients Are Saying:

Nermine Wally

“Almost two weeks after our sessions and I feel the difference in how I wear my clothes. Really, the capsule concept and the mix & match wardrobe are great tools! They make wearing clothes in the morning fun and easy! Also, you’re so good at making very good use of what we already have, you don’t incite people to just go buy new clothes – this is intelligent and creative. Secondly, you have a taste and style of your own which I like, but still you don’t impose it and have a holistic way of looking at wardrobes.”

Nermine WallyUNDP Team Leader

“Karina’s work is brilliant. Transcending fashion trends into timeless cultivation of style. After a thorough intake process with Color & Style Analysis, she held my hand through organizing & purging my wardrobe. We purged almost 1/3 of the wardrobe of the clothing that carries heavy karmic weight. She rediscovered old gems and curated the wardrobe into capsules or collections organized by occasion and season, working with what I have to create intentional looks crafted to convey my unique style… And she did it with compassion and humor and industry wisdom. I recommend her for any gal who needs help getting out the door and into the world with style, and to feel like a princess in the process. Truly transformative.”

Dahlia Shaaban
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Inspiring transformative change and helping you be your best self, while celebrating
diversity and personal style

Personal Development and Personal Branding

Feel, radiate, impress and look the way YOU want to be!

Who wouldn’t want to feel and look healthier, younger, slimmer, taller and happier?

I want to help you go through life like you mean it, by:

Reinventing yourself, updating yourself, and truly being your best self.

Differentiating yourself, distinguishing yourself, and determining your personal branding.

Being visible and achieving your goals, in order to reach your purpose and full potential.

Grooming leaders in order to build their appeal and credibility

Image Consulting For Public Figures

Karina Shalaby - Image Consulting in Washington DC

Are you a politician, media personality or celebrity?

Would you like to become a role model with emotional intelligence, gravitas and leadership qualities?

Here’s how an image consultant can help you:

Your image can spread your influence by radiating confidence, consistency and credibility.

I can help you find the perfect mix of emotional intelligence, authority and executive presence to reach the hearts and souls of your audience

Bringing charisma and emotional intelligence into the world of corporate effectiveness


Are you a mid-level manager, young professional or top executive?

Want to advance your career, gain mobility and exude promotability?

Here’s how your image can play a part in your professional success:

I can help you get noticed earlier, hired first and promoted faster.

I can help you fast-track your career, save time and money, and reach your professional goals and personal aspirations.

Together, we will raise the vibration in your career through updates and polishes in business dress and professional conduct.

The power of of P: Working with professionals on their poise, performance and executive presence to help them reach their full potential and promotability.

Karina Shalaby - Image Consulting in Washington DC

Based on the needs, desires, and interests of each client, we design tailored coaching programs which enhance on what we call the ABC’s

Appearance, Behavior and Communication


  • Color analysis
  • Style personality assessment
  • Body & figure analysis
  • Facial analysis, make-up & hair advice
  • Accessories & points of interest
  • Ideal textures & patterns
  • Wardrobe management
  • Personal shopping services
  • Dress appropriateness
  • Levels of business dress


  • Body language & non-verbal communication
  • The art of listening
  • Winning at first impression
  • Social etiquette & table manners
  • Professional conduct
  • Dealing with dignitaries and VIPs
  • Poise, deportment & the ideal walk
  • Modeling for catwalk & photography


  • Verbal assertiveness and oral presentation skills
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Mastering your elevator pitch
  • Excelling at interviews
  • Conflict resolution & problem-solving
  • Team-building & effectiveness
  • Hosting productive meetings
  • Overcoming communication roadblocks
  • Virtual correspondence & netiquette

Pick and choose from the above or book your free 15-minute assessment call to determine your needs
and allow me to tailor a program for you!

Here’s How It Works

After discussing your needs and expectations through a friendly call and questionnaire administered virtually, we will get back to you with a tailored proposal and package for your comments and approval. Once the program content and agenda are approved, payment will be required in order to secure the location and any vendors needed for your consultation.

We offer our services in Washington DC, Maryland and Virgina for your convenience. Typical locations include Studio Q in Dupont Circle, designated meeting rooms and work spaces in hotels, restaurants and community centers, and private residences.

Sample programs available: 

  • “Simple Impact” program to get you started on the basics of image focusing on color, style and figure.
  • “Interview Preparedness” program to equip those networking and job searching with the needed skills.
  • “Transitions” program for those transitioning to a senior position or into a new field.
  • “Seasonal Refresher” program to get you ready for each season with updates and essentials.

Project-based coaching packages available:

  • Six-month program (3 work sessions in person, 1 wardrobe consultation, 1 personal shopping excursion, 3 virtual coaching meetings)
  • Yearly program (6 work sessions in person, 1 wardrobe consultation, 2 personal shopping excursions, 6 virtual coaching meetings)
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